Poetry by Singaporean Cabby

I spent countless nights in my taxi cab in St Petersburg, FL and it had never crossed my mind to  write poetry about taxi driving……yet, Mr James, an veteran cab driver from Singapore said “Let’s go, I am a cabby, what else could they say or do to take away my pride? treat me like a shit? cheat me? or look at me as some kind of lower form of evolution ?”

Thank you Mr. James for being so eloquently outspoken and at the same time standing for rights of all taxi drivers around the world, thank you for your poetry Sir /
Albert Zee / Discount Taxi / St Petersburg, FL

My First Poetry – A Cabby Life in Brief.
“I am a cabby.
I drive for money not for hobby.
To buy milk for my baby
And pay PAP.

You probably look down on me,
Until you’re late for work and need me.
Then I’m your savior not a nobody.
Without me you might lose your position,
What’s the use of all your qualifications,
Without a cabby?.

All kinds of folks use me.
For work, for play and for a fee.
I’m your carrier,
while you’re in your career.
I take you high, I take you low,
I take you wherever you want to go,
to achieve your whatever goal.

My job is not glamorous, you might not want to do.
I don’t cheat the system like some PAP supporters do.
Though I am but a cabby,
I’ve a name and dignity.
When I greet you “ Madame or Sir”,
Please don’t return with a silent sneer………..”

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My First Poetry – A Cabby Life in Brief.

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