Owner Operator

Currently, we are looking for taxi owners operators in St Petersburg area.

Successful candidate should have late model car or minivan suitable for taxi service. (preferably bright in color)
Have valid FL driving license with no more than 3 points
Have experience with local taxi company or ride share.
Be at least 25 years old.
Have background check with local PD department which includes fingerprinting.
Go trough drug and alcohol test.
Be able to go through all necessary taxi set-up steps which includes meter, top light and lettering installation.
Have commercial taxi insurance with Ascendant Insurance.
Have City of St. Pete Public Vehicle Certificate and be up to date with city taxes.
Have android or IOS phone.

*Please note. all the above requirements need to be maintained at all times while operating under company name,
*Ride share insurance is not acceptable.
*Third party drivers are allowed to drive shifts with owner operators after meeting company requirements.

If interested, please fill form below. Dispatching fee with us is only $50 a week.

Owner operator form with Discount Taxi