Legal Taxis

St. Pete Taxi, legal and illegal taxi cab operators in St. Petersburg,Fl.

In last couple of years transportation market in St. Pete became “deregulated” not by decision of city, county or state, but by lack of enforcement of existing rules, regulations and laws governing taxi industry. So, by calling number of advertiser on google advertising airport taxi service, airport shuttle or local taxi service near you, your safety is not guaranteed.

How to recognize legal taxi service, airport taxi or airport shuttle in St Petersburg, FL?

#1 Make sure that car you are getting into has lettering on it representing company you were calling.

Discount taxi minivan
#2 Check rear window of the vehicle for City of St. Pete sticker.

Discount Taxi St Pete sticker

#3 Legal taxi operator in St. Pete need to have taxi meter inside the vehicle or computer devise displaying taxi meter.

Taxi meter

#4 Legal taxi cabs and airport taxis should have displayed in visible place official rates they charge, to start the meter, rate per mile and waiting time.

Discount Taxi rates

#5 Driver of taxi, airport taxi, airport shuttle and limo service which operates in St Petersburg, FL area must have City permit (hack license) displayed inside the car proving that he/she is licensed transportation provider in City of St Pete and nearby areas of Pinellas.

City of St Pete permit

#6 Driver of any vehicle for hire operating within St. Pete and nearby areas of Pinellas is required by law to carry commercial insurance card.

For more information about legal requirements governing public transportation providers in St. Pete like taxis, airport taxis, airport shuttles, limos, please visit official website of City of St. Pete at:

To Report Issues related to Public Vehicle Certificates or to report illegal transportation operator, please call Police non-emergency line: