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” There are at least dozen cab companies operating in Pinellas County.photo(1)
Some of them are small with only 1 to 5 cabs, others are well established outfits with 40-50 or even 100 cars.

Taxi rates varies between them and usually run between $2.10 and $2.50 a mile on top of $2.00-$3.25 charge for meter drop.
Most of Taxi companies offer flat rates to go to Tampa airport from certain areas and usually “flat rates” are somewhat discounted from metered rates.
It pays to call different companies and inquire about their rates to go to airport, it could save you 10 to 20 % on your trip.

Below are examples of airport taxi fares to Tampa Airport from Pinellas County.
Please note, these rates don’t include tips.

from Downtown St Pete to Tampa Airport $40- $55 ……..”

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