frequently Asked Questions by Discount taxi customers

Q: What are your rates?
A: Our rates are $2.00 to start the meter, $2.10 a mile or $0.30 per 1/7th of the mile, $0.30 per 36 seconds of waiting time or slow traffic.For more information please visit Discount Taxi Metered Rates in St.Pete.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes, we gladly accept credit cards, but please let dispatcher know about your intention of paying with credit card when requesting a taxi.

Q: Do you offer flat rates on trips to Tampa airport?
A; Yes, we offer flat rates on rides to Tampa airport, Orlando airport, Port of Tampa, Amtrak Station and many other transportation hubs

Q: Do you offer service from Tampa airport?
A: Discount Taxi doesn’t have all the necessary credentials to make pick ups at Tampa airport

Q: Do you take animals
A: Yes, we take service animals as well as all kind of pets in the cages.

Q: Are you legal taxi operator?
A: Yes, all our taxi cabs are fully insured and licensed by City of St.Pete, Pinellas County and State of Florida

Q: Can I make reservation with Discount Taxi?
A: Yes, we gladly take reservations on trips to airport, but all other reservations are subject to availability.

Q: Do you go on trips out of town?
A; Yes, we gladly take our customers to anywhere they need to go.

Q: I lost my phone last night in one of your cabs, can you help me to get it back?
A: Yes, please provide us with pick up address and destination address, time of travel and we will try to recover your phone.

Q: Are you Uber taxi?
A; Nope, we are independent legal taxi company in St Pete and nearby areas of Pinellas we are not associated with uber in any way.

Q: Is tip included in flat rate trips to airport?
A: All cab drivers greatly appreciate tips and tips are not included in flat rates..

Q: Where can I find information about your fares to airport?
A: Please visit our website at: Airport Taxi Rates and Costs in St.Pete, FL

Q: Do you accept credit cards payments over the phone.
A: Yes, we do accept credit card payments over the phone, however there is a minimum charge of $30 and taxi ride need to be prepaid in advance, based on our estimation.

Q: Do you give estimates on cab fares over the phone?
A: Yes, we gladly do, however to make process less complicated, we require our customers to provide us with pickup address, destination address and mileage at the time of making call.
* Please be advised, on trips to Tampa and St Pete Clearwater Airports we have very competitive flat rates which can be found at: Taxi to Airport Rates and Costs