Discount Taxi Meter Rates

Multiple passengers ride for the price of one.
Drivers only carry $20.00 in change.
Credit cards are welcome with a $10 minimum charge, please notify our driver at the beginning of the trip if you plan on using a credit card.

Discount Taxi meter rates, which are lowest among St Pete Taxi companies.

$2.00 flag drop (first 1/7 mile)
$0.30 each additional 1/7 mile or part (2.10 per mile)
$0.30 for each 36 seconds of waiting time. ($30/hour wait)

Besides metered trips, we also offer flat rate rides to popular destinations throughout Pinellas County, Tampa Bay and state of Florida.
How it works? You call us and say eg. “I need a cab to take me from certain hotel or address in St. Petersburg to Tampa airport, do you have flat rate on this trip?”, within seconds, one of our operators will quote you with flat rate price on your trip.
Usually, flat rate trips are cheaper than metered trips and work to your advantage, because you can shop around by calling different cab companies and ask them for flat rate to same destination and choose cheapest one, it also gives you peace of mind by knowing in advance your final cost of travel.

To find St Pete Airport flat taxi rates by Discount Taxi, please visit St Pete Airport Taxi Flat rates by Discount Taxi

*Please Note: Discount Taxi is fully insured and licensed St Pete taxi cab operator and airport transportation provider in City of St. Pete, Pinellas County and State of Florida.

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