Discount Taxi promotion and surrealism

Discount Taxi promotions, surrealism and St Petersburg, FL …

At Discount Taxi we are self-proclaimed “official taxi cab service for Salvador Dali Museum in St Petersburg, FL”, ….not really, but we share Great Master’s Dali attitude and drive, so we say: “We experience supreme pleasure to serve our community as a local taxi cab company and airport transportation provider”

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Taxis in Spain


I guess, Spaniards must be proud of their taxi cab industry and they don’t subscribe to Uber BS  “made by Corporate America” and the Wall Street.
….If you translate text on Messi’s tee shirt, “ES MAS BARATO !” it say “It’s Cheaper !”,
I think, it is a good advertising slogan for taxi company.

Tragedy in Downtown St Pete

One dead, another injured by fleeing driver in downtown St. Pete

ST PETERSBURG — The city’s lively downtown entertainment scene turned deadly early Saturday morning when a driver fleeing police ran two red lights and plowed into two pedestrians as restaurants and bars were emptying for the night.

Struck dead was a popular 31-year-old chef who was heading home to his wife, also a downtown chef, who is nine months pregnant and due to give birth to their second child this week.

“We were just starting our lives,” said Ana Granucci Davis, 28, executive chef at 400 Beach Drive Seafood and Tap House, tearing up as she talked of her husband, Aaron, head chef at the Kitchen St Pete. They had often talked about his late hours and the dangers of driving home amid drunken drivers.

“He wasn’t even driving,” she said. “He was walking.” ….”

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Flat rate taxi to Airport / Information

24/7 TAXI To Tampa Airport, Fares, Flat Rates Information, St Petersburg FL and Pinellas

” There are at least dozen cab companies operating in Pinellas
Some of them are small with only 1 to 5 cabs, others are well established outfits with 40-50 or even 100 cars.

Taxi rates varies between them and usually run between $2.10 and $2.50 a mile on top of $2.00-$3.25 charge for meter drop.
Most of Taxi companies offer flat rates to go to Tampa airport from certain areas and usually “flat rates” are somewhat discounted from metered rates.
It pays to call different companies and inquire about their rates to go to airport, it could save you 10 to 20 % on your trip.

Below are examples of airport taxi fares to Tampa Airport from Pinellas County.
Please note, these rates don’t include tips.

from Downtown St Pete to Tampa Airport $40- $55 ……..”

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Book Taxi / New Banner

This Pre-book taxi online banner is connected directly to taxi reservation form in Pinellas County,
which is cool gadget and very helpful to people who want to book their taxi 6 hrs to a year in advance.
It is also very helpful to dispatchers and taxi company operators as it saves time in taking and storing crucial call information.

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St Pete Vacation

Four Reasons Why St Petersburg Florida is the Ultimate Vacation Destination

By Cynthia Williams

From breath taking beaches to one of a kind attractions and restaurants, there are hundreds of reasons St Petersburg, Florida is a top notch choice for as a vacation destination. Here are four of the biggest and best ones…

1. So Many Exciting Attractions
Tropicana Field- Whether your a baseball fan or not, St Perersburg’s Tropicana Field is an attraction well worth checking out. Just in it’s size alone it is awe inspiring, at 1.1 million square feet. A stadium like this has to be enormous though, to accommodate for such a wide variety of unique and fantastic amenities. For instance, just beyond the center-field fence you can find a 35 ft aquarium where all fans are able to view, and even feed real live Rays. In addition to the Rays Touch Tank, they feature gaming areas for kids, a working carnival, a museum. And for the adults only; how about sipping on an ice cold beer at The Brew House, or a Rum inspired mixed drink on Captain Morgan’s Deck.

The Sunken Gardens- Once your within the boundaries of the Sunken Garden, located in the historic North East district of St Petersburg , you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into an exotic botanical paradise. This garden was established 100 years ago and is now home to over 50,000 tropical plants and flowers. A number of cascading waterfalls compliment the scenery perfectly. Visitors have the choice of simply strolling down one of the meandering paths, or taking part in special activities, like yoga classes or horticultural workshops. Or you may wish to book a tour to be sure you don’t miss out on a single thing The Sunken Garden has to offer.

The Mahaffey Theatre- No matter what time of year you visit St Petersburg, Florida, there is sure to be a great roster of shows and events taking place at the Mahaffey Theatre. Here you can treat your ears to the many sounds of the Florida Orchestra. It has also been the hosting venue of big name acts ranging from Cedric the Entertainer and the Moscow Russian Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker.

The Egmont Key- Now a wilderness reserve, The Egmont Key off the coast of St Petersburg was once the site of historic Fort Dade from the Spanish American war. Remnants dated back to 1906 can still be seen there. Another highlight of the Egmont Key is it’s 87 foot light house, which looks like something from a scenic calendar.

2. Fresh Seafood Galore, and Much More

What vacation would be complete without a wide selection of gourmet food to choose from, and that’s something St Petersburg Florida definitely has to offer. Naturally, being home to so many beaches, you have the opportunity to feast on a bounty of fresh seafood dishes. First to try on my list is the fried golden calamari at The Garden Bistro. If seafood isn’t your thing, you could try some “Bangers and Mash” at the Moon Under Water Cafe.

3. Four Beaches that are Just a Cab Ride Away

Of course when you think of Florida, fun in the sun comes to mind, which is another reason St Petersburg is a perfect vacation destination. No matter what hotel you are staying in, four gorgeous beaches are n o more than a cab ride away. St Petersburg Municipal, Maximo, and the North Shore Beaches are all fantastic options, but Fort De Soto deserves a special spot at the top of the list, if you ask me. Named for the historic fort on its grounds, the 900 acre park consists of five inter connected islands, so its no secret why it was named as the number one beach in America.

4. It’s a Cultural Hub for Art, Music, and History
Not only is St Petersburg Florida rich in natural beauty, but it is culturally rich as well. Dozens of art galleries line the streets, featuring the work of stained glass and pottery makers and even artists who paint with fire.

The City of St Petersburg is also home to such museums as:
The Dr. Carter J. Woodson Museum
This museum represents St Petersburg Florida’s history. It joins the Mercy Hospital, the Royal Theater Boys and Girls Club, and the Manhattan Casino .
The Dali Museum
Overlooking the bay, this impressive museum houses over 1500 original works by the late Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. The works of art include oil paintings, water colors, drawings, sculptures, holograms, and photographs.
-The Florida Holocaust Museum
presenting an in-depth history of the holocaust, this museum is dedicated to conveying the values of equality amongst humans of every race. The museum was built in honor of the millions of innocent victims who suffered or died in the holocaust.

From fresh seafood and and secret botanical paradises, to island adventures and enriching cultural learning experiences, its obvious that St Petersburg has a wealth of vacation worth gifts to offer. Are you ready to hop on a plane yet? I know I am.

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