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St Pete Grand Prix St Pete 2016

St Pete Grand Prix 2016
ST. Petersburg Grand Prix 2016 Firestone

ST. PETERSBURG : Downtown St. Petersburg is open for business as the city welcomes three days of fast cars, world-class drivers and family fun on the waterfront during the 2016 Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg Friday, March 11 through Sunday, March 13. As the inaugural event on this year’s 15-race IndyCar season, downtown St. Petersburg transforms into one of racing’s most beautiful road courses and offers spectacular trackside waterfront views for fans of all ages.

Everyone is welcome to visit St. Petersburg’s dining and retail district before, during, and after the race. Both the Tropicana Field shuttle and Looper Trolley feature extended hours all three days, to encourage exploring downtown St. Petersburg after a day on the race circuit.
This year’s race set-up will be constructed in fewer days than ever before. Finalization of the circuit will be Wednesday, March 9, putting construction setup at 31 days. While Beach Drive and Central Avenue will remain open during construction and throughout race weekend, motorists and pedestrians can expect race-related street closures and

detours downtown from Pioneer Park to Albert Whitted Airport.

The following roads will be impacted leading up to and during race weekend:


• First St. S. from First Ave. S. to Fifth Ave. S.

• First Ave. S. from First St. to Bayshore

• Beach Dr. from Central Ave. to First Ave. S.

• Bayshore Dr. SE from Central Ave. to Dali Blvd. (Fifth Ave. S.)

Limited access:

• Second Ave. S. from First to Second Streets

• Bayshore Dr. SE, from Second Ave. NE to Central Ave.

• First St. S. from Fifth Ave. S. (Dali Blvd.) to Eighth Ave. S.

• Sixth Ave. S. from First to Second Streets

Albert Whitted Park is also closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic, reopening March 26. Following Sunday’s checkered

flag, all roads and areas affected by the Grand Prix are expected to reopen by March 26, with some major roads open as early as March 17.

Airport Access – Albert Whitted Airport will be open during the weekend, with limited access via Sixth Ave. S. to USF-St. Petersburg, the Coast Guard station, and the Port of St. Petersburg. Access to Demens Landing will be restricted to Marina residents and Grand Prix ticket holders using the water taxi.

Parking Information – More than 25,000 parking spaces are available within approximately one mile of the race track for race fan parking, as well as resident and visitor parking.
•Downtown Parking – Parking at Sundial (enter from Second St. between First and Second Aves. N.) or South Core (enter from First Ave. S. mid-block between First and Second Streets) will cost $5 on Friday and $15 on Saturday and Sunday. The Beach Drive parking lots, located off of Second Ave. NE to the east of Bayshore Dr., offer $5 parking Friday, March 11, and $10 parking Saturday and Sunday. The USF-St. Petersburg parking garage and selected lots offer the closest proximity to

Gate 5 with parking available Saturday and Sunday in designated areas for $20 per vehicle. Private lots, garages and on-street parking will also be available. Motorists are encouraged to observe all posted parking regulations to avoid parking citations or vehicle relocation.

•Disabled Parking – Free disabled on-street parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis; some spaces have time limits but most are available all day. Temporary disabled parking is available on Central Ave. between First and Second Streets for those holding valid Disabled Person Parking Permit placards. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional disabled parking is available in city garages, at Tropicana Field lots 1 and 2, and in the USFSP parking garage
•Trop Park-n-Ride Shuttle – Parking is available at Tropicana Field in Lots 1 and 2 for $10, where race fans can ride a free Grand Prix shuttle to the track. The free shuttle, which features extended hours again this year, will operate throughout race weekend, beginning March 11 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Shuttle stops are located on the west side of 16th St., north of Fourth Ave. S. This is the same shuttle location as used for baseball. The free Tropicana Field shuttle includes dedicated wheelchair-accessible trolleys.

•Take the Trolley – The Looper Downtown St Pete Trolley and Central Avenue Trolley offer rides throughout race weekend for just 50 cents per person (exact change required) in the downtown fare zone. The Looper Trolley runs Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Looper and Central Avenue Trolley are both wheelchair-accessible. Visit www.StPeteTrolley.com for more information and route maps.

•Motorcycle Parking – Motorcycle parking can be found on Central Ave. between First and Second Streets and on First Street between First Ave N. and First Ave. S. on Saturday and Sunday. Spaces are first-come, first-served and will cost $5. Permanent parking for motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles is located on First Ave. N., between First and Second Streets, and on Second St. between Central Ave. and First Ave. S.

•Use Pedal Power – In addition to the more than 75 permanent bicycle racks located throughout downtown, a large number of temporary bicycle racks are available outside Gate 1 and Gate 5.

•Taxis – Taxi Cab stands are located on Second St., between Second and Fourth Aves. S. and on Sixth Ave. S. between Second and Third Streets.

Is progress good?

Simple answer is : that depends who is making money off it and what are their moral standards

…..70-90 years ago, doctors were recommending to eat table spoon of vaseline every day and travel agencies were advertising riding on alligators in Florida…………and these days…. doctors want you to eat all kind of pills, which they say are helpful for everything but only treat symptoms and uber and local governments wants you to ride in uber uninsured and unlicensed cars driven by strangers without proper background checks…..

Riding on aligator vacation

Automobile Museum In Pinellas Park, FL

Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, One of great family attractions in Pinellas Park and Pinellas County, often overlooked by tourists in favor of beaches, aquariums and other more famous landmarks. Yet, It’s a place which always gives unforgettable experience to all who are able to find this gem.

Tampa Bay Automobile Collection in Pinellas Park, FL

“Tampa Bay Automobile Museum Collection

1. Adler Trumpf

22. Delorean

43. “Mimille” the Mystery Racecar

2. Aero

23. Derby V8

44. Oldsmobile Toronado

3. Allard P1

24. Detra

45. Panhard Dynamic

4. Alvis Model F.D. 12/75

25. DKW Meister Klass

46. Peugeot Darl’mat

5. Amilcar Compound

26. Fardier de Cugnot

47. Ruxton

6. Audi Cabriolet

27. Ford Model A Gazogene

48.”Rainy” Rolls Royce Sedanca

7. Avion Voisin – C7 Chastness

28. Ford Mustang AWD

49. Salmson S4E

8. BSA Scout

29. Gerin Prototype

50. Société Parisienne

9. BSA Three Wheeler

30. Hanomag Kommissbrot

51. Stoewer V8 Greif

10. CGE Gregoire Electric

31. Hotchkiss Gregoire

52. Talbot Lago T 15 Q L 6

11. Chenard et Walcker

32. Hotckiss Gregoire Coupe

53. Talbot Lago Sedan

12. Citroën 2CV

33. Jaguar E Type

54. Tatra 603

13. Citroën 7CV

34. Jensen 541

55. Tatraplan

14. Citroën 15CV

35. Kubelwagen Type 82

56. Tatra T 26-30

15. Citroën Half-Track

36. Maserati Sebring Series II

57. Tatra T75

16. Citroën Sahara

37. Mathis VL333

58. Tatra T87

17. Citroën SM Maserati

38. Mercedes 130H

59. Tatra T97

18. Claveau 56

39. Mercedes 130H Modified

60. Tracta A …”

Find more about Tampa Bay Automobile Museum in Pinellas Park at:


History of Taxi Cab in St Petersburg, FL

Year 1923, First days of Yellow Cab service in City of St Petersburg

“Yellow Cabs, St Petersburg, Hails Them Everywhere”

please
1923, Yellow Cabs in St Petersburg, FL

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Poetry by Singaporean Cabby

I spent countless nights in my taxi cab in St Petersburg, FL and it had never crossed my mind to  write poetry about taxi driving……yet, Mr James, an veteran cab driver from Singapore said “Let’s go, I am a cabby, what else could they say or do to take away my pride? treat me like a shit? cheat me? or look at me as some kind of lower form of evolution ?”

Thank you Mr. James for being so eloquently outspoken and at the same time standing for rights of all taxi drivers around the world, thank you for your poetry Sir /
Albert Zee / Discount Taxi / St Petersburg, FL

My First Poetry – A Cabby Life in Brief.
“I am a cabby.
I drive for money not for hobby.
To buy milk for my baby
And pay PAP.

You probably look down on me,
Until you’re late for work and need me.
Then I’m your savior not a nobody.
Without me you might lose your position,
What’s the use of all your qualifications,
Without a cabby?.

All kinds of folks use me.
For work, for play and for a fee.
I’m your carrier,
while you’re in your career.
I take you high, I take you low,
I take you wherever you want to go,
to achieve your whatever goal.

My job is not glamorous, you might not want to do.
I don’t cheat the system like some PAP supporters do.
Though I am but a cabby,
I’ve a name and dignity.
When I greet you “ Madame or Sir”,
Please don’t return with a silent sneer………..”

Please read more at:
My First Poetry – A Cabby Life in Brief.

Who is driving you? Taxis, TNCs and Deregulations

Taxis, TNCs and Deregulation: Is History Repeating Itself?
““Regulations” are simply rules. The impact of Uber and Lyft vying to avoid safety rules is verging on taxicab deregulation. Some may see this as the way forward. But the U.S. has a failed history of taxicab deregulation.

What is Regulation and Why is it Needed?
Regulations are rules put in place to achieve social, political, environmental and economic outcomes that would otherwise not be achieved within an open marketplace. Subsequently, regulations are especially necessary when competition within a market has the potential to exploit consumers and harm society. In such instances, regulations are intended to benefit consumers and drive a healthier business environment.

However, the modern market place deems regulations as anti-innovation and anti-competition. It’s often argued that rules and regulations are unnecessary because market forces can effectively regulate companies. ……….

The History of Taxicab Regulation And Failed Deregulation
While regulation may not be beneficial or necessary for other industries, history has proven time and again that the taxi industry is different. An unregulated taxi industry is harmful to everyone – consumers, drivers and operating companies.

During the Great Depression, people jumped at the opportunity to drive unlicensed taxicabs at the absence of stable jobs. This caused an increase in accident rates, poor insurance coverage, and a painful level of road congestion. As a result, American cities quickly enacted laws to address safety, liability and driver rights issues. ……”

Please read more at:

Taxis, TNCs and Deregulation: Is History Repeating Itself?

Minimum wage and Taxis

St.Pete Taxi Driver’s opinion: Raising minimum wage to $15, would create more clientele for taxi companies, undermine uber business model of providing illegal transportation services at rock bottom prices and boost morale of American people, especially those who experience economically based hardships.
Higher minimum wages, would also save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars on welfare and other supportive programs for those who live below poverty levels and work at McDonald’s, Wal-Marts, etc.
please read more at :
The battle over the minimum wage heats up with hunger strike

St Pete Mural Tour

We at Discount Taxi support all local businesses, we love City of St Pete and we are proud of entrepreneurial spirit of fellow citizens in St Petersburg, therefor we would like to bring to your attention “St Pete Mural Tour”, which tries to bring to tourists attention amazing paintings on buildings in Downtown of St Pete. We think, it is a great idea.
For more Information, please visit their website at:
St Pete Mural Tour