Month: May 2015

Poetry by Singaporean Cabby

I spent countless nights in my taxi cab in St Petersburg, FL and it had never crossed my mind to  write poetry about taxi driving……yet, Mr James, an veteran cab driver from Singapore said “Let’s go, I am a cabby,

Who is driving you? Taxis, TNCs and Deregulations

Taxis, TNCs and Deregulation: Is History Repeating Itself? ““Regulations” are simply rules. The impact of Uber and Lyft vying to avoid safety rules is verging on taxicab deregulation. Some may see this as the way forward. But the U.S. has

Minimum wage and Taxis

St.Pete Taxi Driver’s opinion: Raising minimum wage to $15, would create more clientele for taxi companies, undermine uber business model of providing illegal transportation services at rock bottom prices and boost morale of American people, especially those who experience economically